Mind Platter

I’ve been trying to find balance a lot more over the last couple years since I was horrible at it for so long. The ultimate goal is to live to a healthy age with an enriched quality of life. Nobody wants to make it to old age with physical suffering and cognitive impairment, but that’s where most people end up.
     I came across this guy’s list of important things for a healthy mind and I think it hits home pretty well. The problem is that as cool of a time as it is to be alive, people neglect the fundamentals (myself included).
    I think my weak points on this list are the lack of in-person people connection and also focus time. I isolate myself with online connections instead of real world hanging out one on one. I also allow all the digital distractions to keep me from achieving any real deep focus on tasks. Before I can deeply delve into one task, I’m disturbed by some notification, email, or text. I think more time away from devices of all kinds is the key to improving at this.
Check out the website. There’s some relatable stuff.


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