Lazy Sunday In Louisville

I have to spend a few days in Louisville for work and I decided to have a leisure day where I did nothing but attempt to be inspired. I feel like staying young and interested in life requires us to keep an insatiable curiosity for as many things as we can. Leisure days like this are the best.


I started the day with some coffee, roamed the University Of Louisville campus, and stopped by Rodin’s “The Thinker”. I guess Rodin made several Thinkers which I hadn’t realized before.

Then I made the trek down to The Bernheim Research Forest to check out their new “Giants” sculptures. Funny how big wooden statues of giants will draw sightseers in that normally wouldn’t come out to the park.


I finished out the day at the Speed Art Museum aimlessly wandering and trying to get the implied messages from different pieces, which I’m not the best at.

I really am fascinated by people who are driven to create nonstop. Whatever is inside them is some sort of amalgamation of ambition, creativity, and discontentment. They refuse to stand on their past laurels, but rather keep striving for more and more. I’d love to infuse some of that into myself if I only knew how.

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